What do MSPs really want?

We think it's growth recurring revenue improved efficiency cashflow rebilling automation more time awareness convenience value add

Bringing the management back to managed services

About us

Bringing it all together

Our vision is to become Australia’s most loved ICT platform for MSPs.
Our early goal is to focus on wholesale aggregation for Small to Medium service providers.
The platform architecture can develop into a full-featured marketplace so that larger MSPs and Systems Integrators can leverage the technology with a ‘bring your own supplier’ approach.
Virtualplatform was originally conceived back in 2018 to support our co-founder’s first MSP business. He recognised the challenges that inhibit scale and worked to automate where possible. The solution has developed to maturity since. Interfacing with best-in-breed suppliers using APIs, he created a core software engine that now manages the procurement lifecycle, service and status monitoring, notifications, third-party application integrations (e.g. AP/ERP/PSA/ticketing etc), rebilling and much more.
We launched Virtualplatform as a standalone business in 2023 to help all service providers benefit from our focus on enabling growth and adding customer value.

Why do I need MSPaaS?

Our technology marketplace is an online hub where service providers can easily qualify, compare, purchase and manage best-in-breed ICT products and services including network access tails, backup, voice, hosting and so much more.
MSPs are underserved. For smaller businesses, this complexity restricts growth.

We help MSPs sell more

Virtualplatform is a cutting-edge, wholesale-only ICT services aggregation marketplace, designed specifically for MSPs.

Our API-first single-view platform streamlines and automates qualifying, comparing, purchasing, supporting and billing the products at the core of managed solutions, enabling MSPs to easily grow and scale their business.

By prioritizing convenience, automation, and exceptional value-add, we are working towards widespread adoption by service providers looking to offer differentiation to their clients.

Furthermore, services can be delivered on a single port, although redundancy is recommended – thereby reducing interconnectivity costs.

We call this MSPaaS

Core products

We are dedicated to providing best-of-breed ICT products and services with deep API support. Virtualplatform is product- and supplier -agile and wholesale-only.


SIP, CTS, Teams, Inbound


Telstra, nbn, AAPT

Domain Hosting

Object Storage



MS365 Licensing


4G Data



Save time

Speed up the process of procuring commodity ICT products. It provides comparative information and promotes competition.

Your perspective

We have developed Virtualplatform from the buyer’s perspective, rather than the typical supplier-out approach.

Hero features

Our hero features add real value to help differentiate Virtualplatform – and keep you coming back. We want to be the only provider you need and to maximise the lifetime value of our relationship.

Single view

Why sift through the 17 portals your MSP supplier mix forces you to use to buy and manage their services when you can use just one?

Think of our architecture as three tiers

Every Virtualplatform feature has an API so MSPs can readily integrate any and every feature into their own digital transformation solution. Think Service Qualification or Telephone Number Lookup – embedded in your website

Upstream / supplier tier

Core tier - Virtualplatform

Customer portal and API’s

Think of our architecture as three tiers

Every Virtualplatform feature has an API so MSPs can readily integrate any and every feature into their own digital transformation solution. Think Service Qualification or Telephone Number Lookup – embedded in your website
Think Service Qualification or Telephone Number Lookup – embedded in your website.

Upstream / supplier tier


Virtualplatform Core


Customer portal and API tier

Customer quotes

“What you’ve built is something that MSPs have been asking for for years.”
VoIP vendor
“The death knell for legacy aggregators, we want to be part of it.”
“This is brilliant!”
Solutions consultant, national infrastructure wholesaler

The problem as we see it

MSPs are underserved.

We are ‘wholesale only’ and won’t compete with you.

MSPs require a wide mix of suppliers to build the solutions customers value.

Traditionally this has meant significant procurement, management and cost overheads as a result of manual process, inefficient supplier interaction, onerous commercials and the monthly pain of billing.

Supplier portals, when available, rarely offer an end-to-end solution, and require significant enablement to use effectively. For smaller MSPs this complexity is prohibitive and restricts growth.

The opportunity

Traditional providers are struggling to catch up with automation. The margin squeeze resulting from commoditisation, accelerated by nbnco, makes innovation difficult.

Virtualplatform is a next generation ICT aggregator.

Our mature digital marketplace, agility, automation and experience deliver competitive advantage for MSPs.

Our partner network is a community of technology leaders with a common goal. Growth.


Think telco is too complex for your MSP?

Too many relationships, portals, agreements, invoices?

Let us make it simple. Add stickiness, recurring revenue and tangible value for your customers.

Virtualplatform helps you easily build more solutions fast.

Remove barriers to entry introducing new products.
You own the customer relationship; we are wholesale-only. We won’t compete with you.

Introduce tangible value-add – single view, management tools, diagnostics, service health, valuable notifications, rebill and more.

Hero features at every turn

New telephone number picker

Use our simple lookup tool to quickly identify the unique number your customer wants from the available national pool in moments. Use simple drop-downs to select each individual digit and category e.g. virtual mobile, geo local, 13/1300/1800 etc – and the wizard quickly finds the unique number you want.


Virtualplatform helps boost efficiency, customer collaboration and profitability for managed service providers by offering PSA similar features like service health notifications, diagnostics, device monitoring, ticketing etc all at no extra cost.

Multi-provider access qualification

Enter your chosen site address and our address lookup logic will perform its magic and show a growing selection of prices from access providers either connected or willing to build services to that location. No need to waste time and go through the order process to the very end to get a price – you put in an address and Virtualplatform will give you answers straight away. Just imagine the upsell opportunity this creates – no need to qualify in multiple Telco portals.

Plus many more


Why partner with

At Virtualplatform, we thrive on collaboration with like-minded individuals who share our values, as we strive to help MSPs grow. We understand the wholesale market and what our customers need to realise their goals.
Whether you’re a generalist managed services player or a specialist seeking growth, we bring everything you need together in a single platform, and are hell-bent on helping our thriving community. By enabling our partners, we help them achieve their productivity objectives. Join us and explore how our partners can leverage our cutting-edge platform alongside existing solutions to become an indispensable part of their organisation’s success.
Avoid having to deal with legacy providers. We offer the automation you need, rapid delivery and important lifecycle management tools – all at competitive rates.
Start small – we find there’s something for everyone in the portfolio, and we’re confident that you’ll quickly extend in to other products and features through time. Easily add new products to your portfolio to increase customer value. One port, many products. Oh, and did we mention our powerful rebill capability?

The founders

Stuart Wallis

The technical brains, a highly competent coder, developed Virtualplatform as a ‘side gig.’ Ran his own MSP for 5 years after working in the industry for 12 more. He understands the service provider world and their pain points.

Piers Tyler

The accomplished commercial guy, brings passion, sales success and significant channel trust from 30 years’ executive experience in the IT&T industry. Was instrumental in the growth story at Vocus working as GM Sales. Lead the Sales & Marketing function at Over the Wire (now Aussie Broadband.)

What our clients say about us

The best automation out there
Challenger VoIP automation specialist
Very impressed

Dark fibre provider CEO